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The catalog of experiences aims to collect, systematize and disseminate the most relevant experiences of the reserves joining the World Network of Islands and Coastal Biosphere Reserves. The experiences are grouped by themes and georeferenced, and are also available on the map.

To contribute to the catalog with the successful experiences of your biosphere reserve, contact us at or

Biosphere reserves

Communal reforestation of mangroves and native species in the Sahamalaza-Radama BR
Water Wise Ways Gouritz Cluster BR
Jobs For Carbon Gouritz Cluster BR
Goukou Resilient River Project Gouritz Cluster
Data center of the Lanzarote BR
2020 Strategy Lanzarote
Tourism Product Club of Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve
Cetacean Observatory of the Canary Islands
Lanzarote recycles
Development of tourist infrastructure Commander Islands
Educative program for children Commander Islands
Ornithological research of Medny Island Commander Islands
Installation of GPS tags for sea lions Commander Islands
Green Commander Islands and Waste Museum
Conservation of local traditions Commander Islands
Control of the invasive alien species Carpobrotus in Menorca
El Hierro 100% Sustainable
Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show Fitzgerald
Publication of a Travel Essay Jeju
Improving river corridors in the Mariñas Coruñesas BR LIFE FLUVIAL Spain
Food Plan of the Mariñas Coruñesas Biosphere Reserve Spain
Co-management and participatory structure Archipelago Sea Area
A study of the Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve
The Pike and his friends visit kindergartens Archipelago Sea Area
Developing models for promoting repopulation Archipelago Sea Area
Mathantverk: an Artisan Food Concept Archipelago Sea Area
Scientific journal Our Palawan
Environmentally Critical Areas Network ECAN in Palawan
Periodic Report on the State of Environment of Palawan
Palawan Knowledge Platform and annual Conference
Menorca Biosphere Reserve Scientific Seminar
Menorca´s food strategy
Agrarian Agreement of Menorca Biosphere Reserve CARB
Agroxerxa: online catalogue of local products of Menorca
Life to alvars West Estonian Archipelago
La Gomera Trail Network
Water & Recycle Principe
Program Water+renewable energy=renewable water Fuerteventura
Starlight La Palma
Amazing Places Fundy
Agüita con el Plastico Lanzarote
Recovery Plan of the giant lizard of El Hierro
Menorca 2030 Strategy Energy
North Devon´s Marine Natural Capital Plan
Popular plant field guide for the Commander Islands
Plastic Reduction plan in the Isle of Man BR
Creando Con Ciencia in Fuerteventura BR Spain
Zero Plastiko Urdaibai
Zero Carbon Resorts Palawan
Declaration and management of Tribal Ancestral Zones in Palawan
Education for Sustainable Development Plan Principe
Biosphere Tracks Principe
Biosphere Communities Principe
Biosphere Schools Principe
Principe Culture
Biodiversity Atlas Principe
Bay of Fundy Mudflats
Forests of the Future Fundy
Moose monitoring Fundy
Climate Change education materials Fundy
Historic places Fundy
Local food festivals West Estonian Archipelago
Education for sustainable development West Estonian Archipelago
Lime production West Estonian Archipelago
Tourism Product Club La Palma
La Palma Biosphere Reserve brand
Safeguard of intangible cultural heritage La Palma
Land Stewardship Network in Macaronesian BR La Palma
Geographic Information System GIS La Palma
La Palma Sustainability Observatory
Plastics FOTE La Palma
Special Territorial Landscape Management Plan La Palma, Spain
Partial Territorial Plan of Coastal Management La Palma, Spain
Ecobarrios program
Eco-schools of the Gran Canaria BR
Socio-environmental Observatory of Menorca OBSAM
Environmental education GOB Menorca
Geology Center of Menorca
LIFE+RENEIX: Restoration of habitats of priority species in Menorca
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